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  1. Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of working as the co-creative director on the Spring ‘13 look book for AMORROMA.  The swimwear line—designed by Heather Roma—had made a sweet splash of a debut this summer and is now on the second round of strong collections.  From hippie dippy to edgy sporty to fancy free, they all encompass a hardworking woman who knows how to relish in some r&r.    Photographer, Cris Jan Lim, snapped away all day along side Sandra Castillo whom did a fantastic job guiding our gals through the scenes and looks. An extra special thank you to the beauty team and models-  your talent and beauty perfectly translated our intended vision.

    Here are some behind the scenes [instagram] shots taken while on the fun shoot.  The lookbook to be released by the beginning of August, and I will be sure to share ASAP.

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